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Dr Maria Zuschmann, affectionately known as Dr M, is an Integrative Chiropractor, Speaker, Author, Podcaster and Stress Adaptation & Performance Coach.

Dr M has been in the Health, Wellness and Performance space for over 20 years. Spending her early years in private practice as a Chiropractor developing a very keen interest in helping her clients with their Stress Adaptation structurally and through Posture Correction along with wellness workshops.

Dr M wanted to be a Chiropractor since she was 14 after her first experience with a Chiropractor herself. Her Dad had started to see the local Chiropractor after his first stroke. And when she kept spraining her ankles playing sport it was a serendipitous day when Yoda (Dr M’s mum) asked Dr Ken if he could help and he said yes.

On her first visit to Dr Ken the first thing he checked was Dr M’s neck, she thought he was kind of crazy, that definitely was not what was hurting. But Dr M soon learnt the power of having a clear connection between her brain and her body and the role that misalignments of our Spine play in that communication.

Dr M solidified her passion for proactive health care when in her early 20’s her dad passed away and her body didn’t respond well at all to the stress. Dr M showed what we now know are classic signs of being stuck in Sympathetic Dominance otherwise known as Fight/Flight… and this was the starting point of her journey into being passionate about helping others hopefully avoid or get out of such a state as quickly as possible so it doesn’t have long term impact.

Over the years the small wellness workshops, turned into larger Wellness events bringing together leading experts from around Austra lia and then into a weekly podcast, along with Dr M speaking and teaching around Australia. You can find Dr M in Chiropractic practice in Alexandria, Sydney. She is also a highly engaged Speaker and Facilitator around Australia helping teams understand how to harness their stress to thrive and of course you can listen to her weekly podcast Aligned U on iTunes or Spotify.

Atlas (Atlas Rae of Sunshine) - Official Furry Assistant

Atlas aka the Official Furry Assistant aka Dr M’s sidekick has been a part of Dr M’s practice and life since 2014 when Atlas was a puppy.

She loves sitting at the front window and getting all the hello’s from our local community and giving lots of cuddles to our clients.

You maybe wondering why Atlas is named Atlas? Well our C1 vertebrae’s nickname is Atlas, some would say that our C1 vertebrae is the most important bone in our body, and that’s how Dr M feels about Atlas, that she rules the roost at home and at MRC.



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